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General Disc Type Ceramic Capacitors (CK45 Series) | TDK

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General Disc Type Ceramic Capacitors (CK45 Series) | TDKTDK's CK45 Series are Disc type ceramic capacitors with solder coated wire leads and adopts a UL94V-0 approved resin coating. These capacitors support traditional functions such as decoupling, and bypassing in general circuit applications. The CK45 series is capable of 105 degC operating temperature in its Halogen Free version and offers 5, 7.5, and 10mm lead spacing, with 1,000-3,000V voltage ratings and a capacitance range up to 10nF.

Features & Benefits:

  • High voltage ceramic capacitors series with higher reliability has been achieved through the use of TDK’s original copper electrode material which allows for matching of the dielectric and ceramic dielectrics material to provide low dissipation factor
  • These products shall conform to RoHS Directive due to lead(Pb) free of lead wire and internal solder material
  • This product is compatible with halogen-free external resin coating (TDK recommends halogen-free products as standard)
  • No Polarity
  • The leads are formed with a "kink" to achieve consistent insertion heights and facilitate the release of gases during soldering for dramatically improved solderability


  • General electronic equipment
  • Decoupling in 1,000-3,000V Applications
  • Bypassing in 1,000-3,000V Applications
  • Snubber Circuit

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