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Common Mode Filters for Ultra High-speed Differential Signal Line | TDK

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Common Mode Filters for High-speed Differential Signal Line | TDTDK has announced the release of their 'TCM' series of Common Mode Filters for High-Speed differential signal lines. Available in two case sizes and five different values, these filters are designed to suppress radiated common mode noise without affecting the transmission of high-speed differential signals.  This product contains no lead and supports lead-free soldering.

Features & Benefits:

  • TCM Series
    • Smallest thin-film common mode filter in the industry at L0.65×W0.5×T0.3mm.
    • Effectively suppresses radiated noise due to common mode noise without affecting the transmission of high-speed differential signals.
  • TCE Series
    • Common mode filter for improving EMC with an ESD protection element (ESD suppressor) using thin-film processing and materials technology acquired from HDD head manufacturing.
    • One component can be used for suppressing common mode noise and ESD.
    • Greatly reduces the number of components and installation area.
    • By providing wide bandwidth (cutoff frequency: 3GHz min.) for differential mode, this product has almost no effect for highspeed differential signals and can suppress the radiated emission.


  • High speed interface(USB2.0, MIPI, LVDS, IEEE1394 and HDMI, etc.) in electronics devices
  • Portable audio, digital cellular phones, DVC, DSC, notebook PCs, PDP/LCD/DLP/PJ TVs, DVD players, amusement machines, etc.

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