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1.27 [.050] Centerline CHAMP Product Family Overview | TE Connectivity

127-050-Docking-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpgDocking Connectors 1.27 [.050 Series] | TE Connectivity
CHAMP .050 Series I Docking Connector is designed for use on new notebook type PCs. This product group has been developed to provide an improved ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection by means of shielding. Two versions are available, board-to-board connector and board-mount connector to mate with wiremount plug connectors.
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127-050-Series-I-SCA-II-for-SCSI-Connector-Tyco-Electronics.jpgCHAMP Connectors .050 Series I Blindmate, Single Connector Attachment (SCA 2) For SCSI Disk Drives | TE Connectivity
The 80-position CHAMP .050 Series I, Blindmate Single Connector Attachment (SCA 2) answers the industry's need for one connector that is suitable for the direct attachment of SCSI disk drives to backplanes and motherboards. The CHAMP SCA 2 connector, in an 80-position configuration, has been designed for 8-bit and 16-bit SCSI devices, and carries all required SCSI signals as defined by the SPI (SCSI-3 Parallel Interface, proposed Standard. Featuring sequenced contacts, it is capable of carrying all the required SCSI data, control, power and auxiliary signals.
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CHAMP-050-Series-I-Tyco-Electronics.jpgCHAMP Connectors .050 Series I | TE Connectivity
CHAMP Connectors .050 Series I | TE Connectivity
CHAMP .50 Series I connectors are available in 20 through 200 selected positions with leaf contacts accomodating mating misalignment. Available in vertical and right-angle receptacles.
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centerline_champ.jpgCHAMP FH Connectors 1.27 [.050] Centerline | TE Connectivity
The FH, or Free Height, connectors are also an all-plastic connector system for internal board-to-board interconnections with a single spring leaf contact design. These connectors may be considered as an alternative to the Series I product line, with the added feature of variable stacking heights. Position sizes available range from 40 to 180 positions in both plug and receptacle for right angle and vertical configurations. A feature unique to the FH system is the closed bottom in the housing, which further inhibits contact contamination from flux and solder during processing.
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127-050-SCA2-SCSI-Fibre-Channel-Tyco-Electronics.jpg1.27 [.050] SCA2 (SCSI/Fibre Channel) | TE Connectivity
The 40-position CHAMP .050 Series I, Blindmate Single Connector attachment (SCA 2) answers the industry's need for one connector that is suitable for the direct attachment of Fibre Channel disk drives to backplanes and motherboards. The CHAMP .050 Series, SCA 2 connector in a 40-position configuration has been designed for serial transfer Fibre Channel devices, and carries all signals as required by the Fibre Channel Physical Interface and the Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Standards. In addition, all required power and auxiliary signals are carried by the same single attachment connector.
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050-Series-Cable-Connectors-SCSI-Tyco-Electronics.jpg.050 Series Cable Connectors (SCSI) | TE Connectivity
AMPLIMITE .050 Series Cable Connectors (SCSI) feature standard plugs in 20, 26, 28, 40, 50, 68, 80, 100, and 120 positions, and standard receptacles in 40, 50, 68, and 100 positions, wire lacing plugs in 26, 40, 50, 68, and 100 positions, and wire lacing receptacles in 26, 68, and 100 positions, and various termination tooling is available.
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127-050-Series-II-Accessories.jpgCHAMP .050 Series II Accessories 1.27 | TE Connectivity
Enclosure Kits - 75° Wire Exit Type Shield Case Kit for Plug Connector. Double-spring contact design.
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127-050-Series-II-and-III-Accessories.jpgCHAMP .050 Series II & Series III Connectors 1.27 | TE Connectivity
CHAMP .050 Series Connectors meet the needs for high density .050 inch [1.27mm] contact centerlines required by constantly emerging miniaturized designs. These connectors allow the printed circuit board designer to maximize valuable PC board real estate without sacrificing interconnection capability.
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