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ARINC Coax Product Family | TE Connectivity

arinc404pi_thumb.jpgARINC 404 Connectors | TE Connectivity
Connectors with a wide range of shell configurations/modifications, contact arrangements and contacts to meet ARINC 404 Specification and MIL-C-81659. Sealed versions are also available.
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600_thumb.jpgARINC 600 Connectors | TE Connectivity
Compared to ARINC 404 standard, this connector features significantly reduced mating forces; increased number of contacts in housings proportioned to thinner blackbox shapes; and floating, front-release keying. Sealed versions are also available.
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ARINC-contacts.jpgARINC 600/404 Contacts and Accessories | TE Connectivity
Pin and socket contacts and accessories used in ARINC 404 and 600 connector family. Accessories include seal plug, boot, ferrule, and dust cover.
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