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Cable Mounted Modular Jacks | TE Connectivity

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Cable Mounted Jacks | Tyco Electronics

110 Connect Modular Jacks

These jacks are available in two versions to meet either shielded or unshielded application requirements on twisted pair cable. They are also available in the two most commonly used wiring schemes.

In addition to being easily terminated by the AMP punchdown tool, Part Number 558418-1, the D814 punchdown tool [Comcode 406477794] or the Krone tool, a new 110Connect 2-Pair Stuffer Cap, Part Number 569332-1, can be ordered for use with unshielded jacks. This provides for a totally tool-less jack installation.

Modular Telephone Keystone Jacks

Jacks For Wallplates, Panels and Undercarpet Fittings

These jacks are specially designed to snap into Wallplates, Panels and Undercarpet Fittings. Insulation-displacement AMP-BARREL terminals allow tool-less termination of discrete wire pairs.

No special tools required for assembly.

DECconnect Modular Jacks

These jacks feature AMP-BARREL insulation-displacement terminals for tool-less termination of discrete wires.

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