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The LGA (Land Grid Array) sockets were developed for Intel and AMD based LGA microprocessor packages that range in size up to 1200+ positions. This generation of LGA sockets provide a compressive electrical interface to the microprocessor package and are solder ball SMT (Surface Mount) attach to the PCB. The stainless steel load plate provides a reliable interconnection to the microprocessor package with a single lever handle for package actuation.   The contact tip geometry is optimized to reduce risk of contact damage during handling and package installation.

Features & Benefits:

  • LGA compressive interface to package, surface mount solderball attach to PCB
  • For Intel and AMD CPU PGA packages
  • Stamped and formed metal contacts
  • 1.1mm x 1.1mm and 1.17mm x 1.09mm contact spacing
  • Socket arrays up to 1,200+ positions


  • Desktop computers
  • Workstations
  • Server class computers

Additional Information: