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PCI & PCI Express Connectors Product Family | TE Connectivity

cardedge_thumb.jpgPCI Connectors .050 Series Standard Edge | TE Connectivity
Connectors that support PCI expansion cards are derived from those on the MC bus. The MC connectors are well defined and have proven value and reliability.
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tyco_pci.jpgPCI Express Connectors | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity Card Edge Connector for PCI Express applications is a 1mm centerline card edge product designed to meet PCI SIG requirements for PCI Express architecture. PCI Express architecture is a high performance point to point full duplex I/O Bus. Applications include Serial Bus for Graphics Cards and I/O Client Cards for applications requiring higher speeds than the popular PCI Bus. Computers, both Desktop and Server, along with Telecommunication Switches and Routers.
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