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ICCON Power Connectors | TE Connectivity

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te-ICCON-Power-ConnectorsICCON connectors provide a reliable high current power interconnection with quick connect/disconnect function for space constrained motherboard-daughterboard, cable-board and broad-busbar power delivery applications. ELCON connectors use ELCON Crown Band Contact, a multifingered spring which provides a greater surface contact area, thus ensuring small millivolt drop, minimum heat generation and very low insertion and extraction forces. The optional locking feature provides minimum 5 lbs. (2.21kg) retention force to improve connection integrity, securing against accidental unmating in harsh mechanical conditions. ICCON connectors are available with press-fit or solder tails for mounting on both PC boards and bus bars. TE uses eye of the needle true compliant tails for the most reliable mounting using solderless techniques.

Features & Benefits:

  • Uses high performance Crown contact
  • 35A current rating
  • True compliant press-fit and solder tails
  • Pin locking feature option
  • Standard DIP footprint .300 X .100and ICCON SLIMLINE Connector .100 X .100
  • Insulator rated at 105 C, UL 94V-O
  • #8 AWG wire size
  • Parallel and perpendicular
  • Sequencing capability


  • Power distribution
  • Board-to-board interconnection
  • Board –to-busbar interconnection
  • Board-to-wire interconnection
  • High density power designs
  • Board stacking

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