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AMP MCP Contact Systems | TE Connectivity

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AMP MCP Contact Systems | TE Connectivity

The AMP MCP Contact System is mainly used in the automotive industry. Each contact consists of a flat receptacle, which mates with a flat tab. Every contact has got a steel spring and a copper alloy body.

The two-piece contact design means that the electrical and mechanical properties are separated. One end of the contact body is crimped to wire and the other end mates with the matching tab. The closed spring has got several functions and also different advantages for the complete contact system.

Tabs and receptacles can be applied in both sealed and unsealed connectors. AMP MCP contacts can be fast and economically arranged to the lead using TE Connectivity application tooling.  

The Main Advantages of the Body are:

  • Several contact points
  • Large range of wire sizes (from 0.2 mm2 at AMP MCP 1.5K up to 16.0 mm2 at AMP MCP 9.5) 
  • Base material with very high current capability 
  • High vibrational load

Features & Benefits:

  • Protection of the contact springs
  • No over elongation of the contact springs possible under normal circumstances
  • No possibility to connect from the rear side
  • Protection against mechanical damage
  • Good guiding in the cavity
  • Secondary locking possible (from 4 directions)
  • Assembly into housing fully-automatically


  • Automotive

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