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Radial Lead Precision Wirewound Resistors | IRC

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Radial Lead Precision Wirewound Resistors | IRC

Miniature printed circuit resistors incorporate an uncommon number of production and design refinements to assure excellent resistance stability, close resistance tolerances, low TCR capabilities and high structural strength.  To assure their high quality standards, premium grade selected wire is reverse pi wound with minimum stress on high temperature epoxy bobbins, permeated with a resilient inner cushion coat and isolated from the external protection shell by a special dry air chamber.

To promote additional resistance stability and accuate initial calibrations, all resistors are subjected to an extensive accelerated aging program.  Weldable and/or solderable leads (a choice of lead material is available) are firmly anchored and bonded inside the bobbin for maximum structural strength.  All resistor markings are impervious to printed circuit board cleaning solvents and lead spacing is sufficiently well controlled for automatic inseratio on standard grid boards.

Features & Benefits:

  • .01 to 0.6 watts
  • Tolerance to +.01%
  • 0.1 ohm to 3 meg ohms
  • Approved to M, P, and R levels
  • TCRs from +2 ppm/°C to +6000 ppm/°C
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable MIL-R-93 and MIL-R-39005 ratings

Additional Information: