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Texas A&M's College of Engineering Visits TTI


You may have noticed a lot of maroon shirts around TTI recently. That's because Texas A&M's College of Engineering paid a visit to TTI. The Aggie field trip included 115 students from the university’s Industrial Distribution class, which centers on supplier-distribution relations.

Prior to this, Michael Knight, Vice President of Product, and Lew LaFornara, Vice President of Corporate Product Management, launched the seminar by traveling to Texas A&M's College of Engineering, introducing students to our industry and TTI specifically.

The program featured a series of topical sessions, such as supplier marketing and product management roles; the TTI Supplier Excellence Program, and the distribution business model. Presenters from TTI included Lew LaFornara, Frank Sganga, Jeff Ray, and Rene Aelvoet. Also facilitating were Thane Parker, Vice President of Sales and Dawn Manhart from Littelfuse; and Brian Morrow from Mouser.

Responses to the sessions were overwhelmingly positive. The engineering students were visibly engaged, asking a lot of insightful questions. No doubt they knew the knowledge they gained here would help them in their future careers.

The Aggies were also given a tour inside and around TTI. They witnessed firsthand many of TTI's business processes, such as supply chain management, connector production, and warehouse operations.

"We participated for a couple of reasons," said Michael Knight. "The first is for the community service aspect of being able to contribute to the university’s mission of preparing young people to be successful in the job market."

The other reason for the seminar, according to Michael Knight, was to give the students a well-rounded view of the electronics distribution business.

"It's to help them understand the potential and the opportunity as they evaluate other distribution industries to determine where to go job seeking."

As TTI's business expands, the need to recruit fresh talent will always arise. With seminars such as these, TTI maintains that level of flexibility by investing in young people's futures.

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