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isoCink+™ Series Enhanced Power Bridge Rectifiers | Vishay

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isoCink+™ Series Enhanced Power Bridge Rectifiers | VishayVishay’s new isoCink+™ power bridge rectifier series gives designers a space saving, high-current solution for bridge rectifiers in switchmode power supplies (SMPS), home appliances, audio/video equipment, and more. With highly efficient performance comparable to larger size bridge products, the low thermal resistance of power bridge devices reduces size requirements for heat sinks, since less heat needs to be dissipated. Offering a leas pitch and pin layout compatible with the conventional G BU and G SIB-55, isoCink+™ offers the designers the ability to upgrade system power without changing PCB layouts or heat sinking. A maximum solder temperature of 275 ºC/10 s enables high reliability in manual soldering.


  • Primary rectification circuit of switch mode power supplies and adaptors for desktop PCs, servers, notebook PCs, plasma display panel (PDP) TVs, LCD TVs, and monitors
  • Primary rectification circuit of inverter type home appliance as in refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and induction heater systems
  • Primary rectification circuit in telecom SMPS