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Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output | Vishay

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Optocoupler, Phototransistor OutputThe IL205AT/IL206AT/IL207AT/IL208AT are optically coupled pairs with a gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor. Signal information, including a DC level, can be transmitted by the device while maintaining a high degree of electrical isolation between input and output. This family comes in a standard SOIC-8A small outline package for surface mounting which makes them ideally suited for high density application with limited space. In addition to eliminating through-hole requirements, this package conforms to standards for surface mounted devices. A specified minimum and maximum CTR allows a narrow tolerance in the electrical design of the adjacent circuits. The high BVCEO of 70 V gives a higher safety margin compared to the industry standard 30 V.

Features & Benefits:

  • High BVCEO, 70 V
  • Isolation test voltage, 4000 VRMS
  • Industry standard SOIC-8A surface mountable package
  • Compatible with dual wave, vapor phase and IR reflow soldering
  • Lead (Pb)-free component

Additional Information: