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High Current/High Voltage Resin Sealed Filters | API Technologies' Spectrum Control Brand Products

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High Current/High Voltage Resin Sealed Filters | API Technologie
High current filters are ideal for use in high current 5 volt logic buss, but also can be used for ±48 VDC telephone rack buss, high current switch mode power supplies and DC charging systems. High voltage filters find use in high voltage power supplies and applications requiring U.L. Hi-Pot.

Features & Benefits:

  • Current ratings up to 100 Amps
  • Continuous voltage ratings up to 1250 VDC/240 VAC (400Hz)
  • U.L. 1459 recognized and CSA C22.2 approved versions available
  • Rugged bolt-in style for easy installation


  • High voltage power supply applications

Additional Information: