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Power Entry EMI-Filtering Modules | API Technologies' Spectrum Control Brand Products

Part Number Information
Part #:Price/Availability:
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API Technologies' Spectrum Control Brand Products


Bolt-in Rear Terminals - P/N:  60-BPR series

Bolt-in Right Angle Terminals - P/N:  60-BPF / 60-BPP Series

High Frequency Bolt-in with Solder Lugs - P/N:  60-BHS / 60-BHP Series

Snap-in with Wire Leads - P/N:  60-SPL Series

Fused Filtered - P/N:  64-65-66-67-BFF / 64-65-66-67-BFS Series

Switched and Fused Filtered - P/N:  64-65-66-67-BSF / 64-65-66-67-SSF Series

Features & Benefits:

  • High Frequency Available
  • Designed to perform in industrial environments
  • Ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations
  • Meets over-voltage of IEC 644 category II and complies with IEC 950
  • Metal case provides maximum isolation that optimizes performance
  • UL recognized, CSA certified, TÜV approved (tested and found to be in accordance with VDE 0565 Part 3)


  • Digital equipment
  • Personal computers and peripherals
  • Measuring instruments
  • Monitor and display units

Additional Information: