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Air Core RF Inductors (Toroidal and Square) | AVX

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avx-Air-Core-RF-Inductors-Toroidal-SquareToroidal and Square Air Core RF Inductors, part of the wound air core inductor family, are ideal for RF circuits, broadband I/O filtering, frequency selection, or impedance matching. The unique construction of the rectangular cross section of the inductor provides better performance, and offers manufacturing advantages over toroidal coils.

Features & Benefits:

  • Air coil or square cross section construction
  • High Q
  • High Current
  • Excellent SRF
  • Many inductance values ranging from 1.65nH to 538nH (toriodal)
  • 20 inducance values ranging from 5.5nH to 27.3nH (square)


  • RF Circuits Broadband I/O Filtering
  • Impedance Matching
  • Decoupling/Bypassing
  • RF Applications

Additional Information: