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F38 Face-down Polymer Tantalum SMD | AVX

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F38 Face-down Polymer Tantalum SMD | AVXAVX Tantalum Asia Corporation has released F38 series based on FRAMELESS technology (unique lead-frame less face-down structure) with conductive polymer cathode material. The F38 has higher capacitance and lower ESR, because of packing larger tantalum elements than conventional J-LEAD type and using higher conductive polymer. It has low and flat impedance over the wide frequency range due to low ESL by FRAMELESS structure and a low voltage derating rule of only 20% allows usage.

Features & Benefits:

  • High volumetric efficiency, low ESR
  • Lower profile 0.9mm max vs. competitors
  • Wide temperature range -55/+105C
  • Low failure rate 1%/1000hrs defined at 85C and full rated voltage
  • RoHS compatible


  • Mobile phone – low ESR, safe, high ripple current operation for power lines
  • IC recorder – input/output line of DC/DC converter
  • DSC – Noise reduction of image sensor

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