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Sub pF Varistors (SPV) | AVX

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avx-Sub-pF-Varistors-SPVAVX has developed the sub pf varistor (SPV) solution for circuits with capacitance sensitivity. The VC4HAG series is the latest addition to the AntennaGuard series of low capacitance TransGuard® products. SPV is a bi-directional transient voltage suppressor that was developed to provide a one chip solution for protecting high speed digital interfaces, RF antenna and RF amplifier circuits against ESD events.

Placing a transient suppressor in a signal line introduces the TVS’s parasitic capacitance.  This parasitic capacitance can integrate the rise time and fall time of any signal and inject other types of distortion on the signal. 

Minimizing the parasitic capacitance will maximize the signal speed and minimize the signal distortion.

The SPV product offers designers the ability to clamp transients with minimal loading & distortion to the circuit. The low profile 0402 size offers designers flexibility in board placement.

Features & Benefits:

  • <1pf capacitance minimizes signal distortion
  • Bi-directional ESD protection
  • Leakage current <1uA at rated voltage
  • Low profile 0402 case size
  • Multiple strike capability
    • 100 strikes @ 8KV contact
  • Sub 1nS response time to ESD strike
  • Cost effective one chip solution


  • HDMI ports
  • Antennas/RF Decks
  • Power Amplifier
  • High speed serial interface
  • High node count BUS devices
  • Low distortion analog circuits
  • Optic drive circuitry

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