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PC Mount Miniature & Sub-Miniature Rocker Switches (1S Series) | Carling Technologies

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The 1S family of sub-miniature rocker switches is composed of three switch series:

-  1S1-Series sub-miniature rocker switch
-  1SS-Series sealed sub-miniature rocker switch
-  1SM-Series surface mount sealed sub-miniature rocker switch

These series of PC mount sub-miniature rocker switches offer a variety of ratings, circuits, contact materials, terminal platings, and actuator colors. The 1SS-Series and 1SM-Series are sealed switches that are IP67 certified. The 1S1-Series of switches has UL & CSA agency approvals. All series within the 1S family of switches are able to withstand temperatures from -30°C to +85°C, and all offer PC mounting. The 1SM-Series offers surface mounting.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1S1-Series: UL, CSA certified
  • 1SS-Series & 1SM-Series: IP67 certified
  • 1S1-Series & 1SS-Series: 1-2 poles
  • 1SM-Series: 1 pole
  • 1500 Volts RMS @ sea level dielectric
  • Insulation Resistance is 1000 megohms (minimum)

Additional Information: