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380LX/382LX 85°C High Capacitance, Snap-In Aluminum Capacitor | CDE

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380LX/382LX 85°C High Capacitance, Snap-In Aluminum Caps | CDEThe excellent value of the 380LX/382LX finds application in switching power supply input and output circuits. It also finds application in motor drives where the high surface area of multiple units in parallel approaches the ripple capability of certain computer-grade capacitors. The 380LX delivers more capacitance per can. The 382LX gives the choice of 4 or 5 leads for stable, reverse proof mounting.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multiple ratings
  • Top perfomance in power supplies and motor drives
  • Large selection of 46 case sizes
  • Multiple leads available
  • ROHS Compliant


  • Renewable energy
  • Medial Power Supplies
  • Industrial Equipment

Additional Information: