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High Current Power Inductors (HC9 Bussmann Series) | Eaton

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High Current Power Inductors (HC9 Series) | Cooper Bussmann


HC9 Series High Current 9 Power Inductors.

Features & Benefits:

  • 155°C maximum total operating temperature
  • Surface mount inductors designed for higher speed switch mode applications requiring lower inductance, low voltage and high current
  • Design utilizes high temperature powder iron material with a non-organic binder to eliminate thermal aging
  • Inductance Range from 0.2μH to 47.0μH
  • Current Range from 3.65 amps to 95.0 amps
  • Frequency Range 1kHz to 500kHz


  • Next generation processors
  • High current DC-DC converters
  • VRM, multi-phase buck regulator
  • PC, workstations, routers, servers

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