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FCI APEX™ Connection Systems: Better By Design

FCI APEX™ Connection Systems Guide

The APEX family of electrical connection systems incorporates proven technology for harsh environments in automotive, off-highway, and specialty vehicles. These inline connectors are designed for applications where heat, vibration and moisture are a concern.

Superior Design and Construction

These pre-assembled connectors minimize stocking inventory and are very easy to assemble and service. There are both sealed and unsealed versions in many configurations from 2-way to 24-way systems, capable of carrying up to 42 amps.

The APEX 150 connection systems are the smaller connector, designed for wires sizes from 22 to 16 AWG, and are compatible with USCAR cavity specifications.

The APEX 2.8 connection systems offer a wider range of sizes, circuits and options to meet your unique design requirements.

A new APEX 24-way Hybrid connection system combines circuits from both the 150 and 2.8 for maximum versatility in a compact package.