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APEX In-Line Connectors - 150 | FCI Automotive

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In-Line Connectors - 150

Performance Characteristics
  • Temperature Ranges:
         Class 3: -40°C to +125°C
  • Terminals are tin or gold plated.
  • Exceeds USCAR-2, 20 Performance Specs.
  • Meets USCAR 21 Crimp Specifications.
  • Current Rating: 25 Amps based on USCAR Specification.

The APEX® 150 family of connection systems incorporates proven technology for harsh environments found in today's automobiles. The terminal design is well suited for applications where heat, vibration and moisture are a major concern.

Unlike many of the competitive terminal systems which are one-piece designs, the APEX female terminal is a two-piece terminal design which is very robust and cost competitive. In addition to its robust design and proven performance, APEX is a very easy connection system to assemble and service in the field. APEX 150 will cover a wide range of wire sizes from 22–16 AWG TXL wire. APEX 150 terminals are compatible to USCAR cavity specification requirements and are available in tin and gold plating. APEX 150 connectors are presently available in 10, 16, and 14-way hybrid configurations. Additional cavity configurations will be released in the near future.

APEX 150 Connectors

APEX 150 connectors

APEX 150 Terminals & Cavity Plug

APEX 150 terminals

Sales Drawings (PDF)

APEX 150 Mounting Clips

APEX 150 mounting clips

APEX 150 Processing Specs and Tooling

APEX hybrid crimper

APEX 150 Technical Data


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