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APEX In-Line Connectors - 2.8mm | FCI Automotive

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In-Line Connectors - 2.8mm

Performance Characteristics
  • Temperature Ranges:
         Class 3: -40°C to +125°C
         Class 4: -40°C to +155°C
  • Terminals are tin or gold plated.
  • Exceeds USCAR-2 Performance Specs.
  • Validated for Diesel Engine Applications.

The APEX® 2.8mm family of connection systems was developed in 1993 for heavy-duty applications where heat and vibration are a major concern. In addition, APEX was developed to assist OEMs with terminal and connector standardization for in-line and device connections.

Unlike many of the competitive terminal systems which are one-piece designs, the APEX female terminal is a two-piece terminal design which is very robust and cost competitive. In addition to its robust design and proven performance, APEX is a very easy connection system to assemble and service in the field. APEX 2.8mm will cover a wide range of wire sizes from 22 to 10 AWG TXL wire.


APEX 2.8mm Connectors

APEX 2.8mm in-line connectors

APEX 2.8mm Terminals & Cavity Plug

APEX 2.8mm terminals

Sales Drawings (PDF & TIFF)

APEX 2.8mm Mounting Clips

APEX 2.8mm mounting clips

APEX 2.8mm Backshell Interfaces

APEX backshell interfaces

APEX 2.8mm Processing Specs and Tooling


APEX 2.8mm Technical Data