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Millipacs® Metric Connector Range | FCI

FCI Millipacs® Metric Connector Range

FCI Interconnect has introduced Pin-in-Paste termination Millipacs® type C headers. FCI Millipacs® are primarily used as daughter card connectors in rack systems, the technology is also being used for board-to-board and wire-to-board applications in the telecom and industrial markets.

The 2.00mm FCI Millipacs® family consists of 5-row and 8-row versions and has traditionally been offered with FCI's eye-of-needle press fit termination. This Millipacs® product is the first in a potential range of solder-to-board, pin-in-paste applications. The Millipacs® design smoothly incorporates into the board assembly process by featuring reflow temperature resistant resin, tape packaging, a pick-up cap for automatic pick-and-place by vacuum nozzle, and meets all requirements of IEC 917 and IEC 61076-4-101.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular system with 5+2 row and 8+2 row high density connectors
  • Hard metric board and cable connector offering
  • Extended functionalities: staggered contacts, shielding, keying, guiding, power and coax inserts, shrouds.
  • High density connections.
  • Compact PCI


  • Switches
  • Base Stations
  • Embedded Computers
  • Medical Testing Equipment
  • PLCs

Additional Information: