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D-Subminiature Cable Signal Connectors & Accessories | FCI

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FCI D-Sub Cable Signal Connectors & Accessories

The FCI D-Subminature (D-Sub) portfolio contains a large choice of connectors and accessories depending on customer applications and needs in terms of robustness and environment. FCI's selection contains the following connectors and accessories:

  • Compact D - High Density
  • Mixed Power DW Series
  • D / 8656 / 8657 / DP Series
  • Military Products
  • D-Sub Accessories

Features & Benefits:

  • Standard application: "economical series"
    • Solder bucket connectors - 9 to 50 ways
    • Plastic hoods, straight and angle exits
  • Demanding application :
    • Vibrating environment: Crimp connectors and contacts - 9 to 50 ways
    • Robust or EMI/RFI functionalities Metalized plastic hood, straight and angle exits Metal hood, straight and angle exits


  • Board-to-cable connections
  • Cable-to-cable connections

Additional Information: