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FCI HDMI Receptable

FCI HDMI Receptable

FCI HDMI (High-Defination Multimedia Interface) is the next-generation interface for consumer electronics products such as digital television, DVD players, and set-top boxes. HDMI uses a much smaller, user-friendly connector thatn the existing DVI connector. The specification was designed to carry up to 5Gbps uncompressed video and audio in one cable.

Features & Benefits:

  • Metal shield for better EMI protection
  • 5Gbps uncompressed single transmittal rate
  • Integrates video and audio signal into one connector
  • Backward compatible with DVI
  • SMT with or without panel-mount flange option
  • Low Impedance mismatch
  • Simple & flexible design
  • RoHS compliant, Gold plating in contact area


  • Consumer
    • PDP displayer & TV
    • LCD displayer & TV
    • Set-top boxes
    • DVD players/recorders
    • D-VHS players
  • Data
    • Entertainment PC

Additional Information: