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iVDR Connector | FCI

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FCI iVDR Connector

FCI has expanded its line of storage interface interconnects with the development of a connector for use with the information Versatile Disk for Removable usage (iVDR) standard. A connector board member for the iVDR Consortium, FCI’s connector range contributes to standardizing the next-generation large-capacity data platform in applications such as media cartridges and internal port terminations; PCs, servers, set-top boxes, and the like; and auto-loading mechanisms in host applications. The iVDR standard can be a hard disk drive or a solid-state device capable of recording copyright-protected high-definition content without loss of quality while maintaining SAFIA security protection.

“The iVDR allows for the sharing of various content including movies, music and programs, over a variety of devices such as information appliances, home servers, video recorders, automobile AV devices and PCs. The FCI iVDR connectors facilitate security, mobility, durability and speed in these applications.”Lucas Chin, Global Marketing Manager Storage Drives, FCI

FCI’s iVDR connector provides a single row of 26 contacts and 1.27mm pitch. The receptacle is available in right-angle and vertical versions with SMT leads. The right-angle form factor features a fixed-screw hole while the vertical type features a hold-down on each end of the connector. The iVDR connector is RoHS Compliant and compatible with lead-free processing temperatures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides 26 contacts in a single row on 1.27mm pitch
  • Low insertion force for high durability: 10,000 mating cycles
  • External dimensions match standard 22-position SATA connector
  • The right-angle plug provides solder tabs for added retention
  • Options for right-angle or vertical receptacle provide capability to install cartridges in either orientation to host board
  • The right-angle receptacle features a fixed screw hole at each end while the vertical type features a solder tab retainer at each end
  • Surface-mount design is RoHS Compliant and compatible with lead-free soldering temperatures


  • Appliances
  • Home Servers
  • Video Recorders
  • Automobile AV Devices
  • PC's
  • Media Cartridges
  • Internal Port Terminations

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