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FCI PCI Express® Connectors

PCI Express® architecture is implemented in desktop PCs, workstations, and servers using these 1.0mm pitch, vertical card edge connectors. The base connector family offers one to 16 high-speed serial PCI Express® Lanes. Each PCI Express® serial lane supports 2.5Gb/s (per direction) in a 100½ Gen1 system or 5.0Gb/s in a Gen2 system with an 85½ differential environment.

The base PCI Express® connector family supports x1, x4, x8, or x16 link widths to suit different bandwidth requirements. The 36-position, basic bandwidth (x1) version supports a single PCI Express® Lane and could be used as the replacement for the PCI connector. The 164-position, high bandwidth version will support 16 PCI Express® Lanes and will be used for applications that require higher bandwidth, such as graphics. The x4 and x8 connectors provide 64 and 98 contacts, respectively. All connectors support the PCI Express® signal and power requirements, as well as auxiliary signals at the interface between system board and add-in card hardware. Staggering the edge fingers by 1.0mm on the add-in card provides sequential mating for hot plug capability.

TTI features the following Product Families that relate to FCI PCI Express® Board and Wire Connectors

FCI PCI Express® ConnectorsPCI Express® Connectors
The 36-position basic bandwidth (x1) version supports a single PCI Express Lane and can be used as a direct replacement for a conventional PCI connector in desktop PCs. The higher bandwidth 4-lane and 8-lane connectors are intended for server I/O applications. (View More)

FCI PCI Express® x16 Card Edge ConnectorsPCI Express® x16 Card Edge Connectors
The PCI Express card edge connector's integrated retention arm extends away from the end of the connector body and includes a molded post that snaps into a notch on the bottom of the add-in card. The post is designed to engage with the "hockey stick" shaped hook defined on the bottom of the graphics card.(View More)

FCI PCI Express® 280-Position ConnectorsPCI Express® 280-Position Connectors
Both connectors are designed to accept a 1.58mm (0.062") thick add-in card and molded polarization keys. Corresponding notches on the add-in cards prevent improper card insertion. Dual-row card edge contacts on 1.0mm pitch are offset to form four rows of through-mount soldertails on 2.0mm pitch for easy wave soldering. (View More)

FCI PCI Express® ConnectorsPCI Express® SMT Connectors
Available connector sizes provide 36, 64, 98, or 164 contacts to support x1, x4, x8 , or x16 high speed, serial PCI Express lanes. The SMT connector versions feature 0.1mm lead coplanarity and SMT retention clips at both connector ends to provide additional mechanical strength after soldering. Non-protrusive orientation posts are also available.(View More)

FCI Express® SHB ExpressFCI Express® SHB Express
FCI SHB Express Connectors fully support SHB Express or PCI Express signal and power requirements, as well as the auxiliary signals at the interface between the system board and add-in card. (View More)

fci_straddlemount_sm.jpgFCI PCI Express® Straddle Mount
FCI Straddle-Mount Card Edge Connectors fully support PCI Express® signal and power requirements and the implementation of high-speed, serial PCI Express™ architecture in desktop PCs and servers.(View More)

Features and Benefits:

  • Range offers 1,4,8 or 16 serial PCI Express links to scale to different bandwidth requirements
  • Options for through-hole solder, press-fit, surface mount or straddle-mount terminations
  • Feature mounting ears for additional mechanical support; assures proper alignment to the host PCB
  • Option for rugged stand-alone retention mechanisms or x16 connector with an integrated retention arm to retain graphics cards during shipping and handling
  • ExpressModule™ versions provide an expanded lead-in window for blin-mate server riser cards


  • Desktop PC's
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • SHB Express backplanes per PICMG 1.3 specifications

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