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Quickie™ Connectors (2.54mm) | FCI

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FCI Quickie™ Cable-to-Board Connectors

Quickie™ is FCI’s brand for cable-to-board connectors in 2.54mm pitch. The FCI Quickie™ product range includes IDC Receptacles, IDC Board Connectors, Shrouded Low Profile Headers and Shrouded Eject Latch Headers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Two-row connectors are available in industry-standard sizes ranging from 10 to 60 total positions
  • Molded header shroud protects pins, assists alignment during mating and provides polarization capability.
  • Headers with pre-installed latches eliminate the need for later hand installation of latches
  • The “Eye-of-Needle” compliant section on pin termination tails reduces the stress on plated-through holes during connector insertion to enable easy installation on lead-free boards


  • Electronic equipment or devices requiring flat cable interconnections
  • Uses span industry segments (e.g. base stations, measuring equipment, industrial control)

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