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CWR09/19/29 MIL-PRF-55365/11, MIL 55365/4, & COTS+ (TAZ) | AVX

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avx-CWR09-19-29-MIL-PRF-55365Fully qualified to MIL-PRF-55365/4, this series represents the most flexible of surface mount form factors, offering eight case sizes (A through H). This series is fully interchangeable with CWR06 conformal types, while offering the advantages of molded body/compliant termination construction, polarity and capacitance. The molded construction is compatible with a wide range of SMT board assembly processes including wave or reflow solder, conductive epoxy or compression bonding techniques. The five smaller cases are characterized by their low profile construction, with the A case being the world's smallest molded military tantalum. There are three termination finishes available: fused solder plated ('K' per MIL-PRF-55365), hot solder dipped ('C') and gold plated ('B'). In addition, the molding compound has been selected to meet the requirements of UL94V-0 and outgassing requirements of NASA SP-R-0022A.

Features & Benefits:

  • Offers eight case sizes of molded body/compliant terminations
  • Gold and tin/lead terminations available
  • Low ESR values


  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • High Reliability
  • Bypass
  • Coupling
  • Filtering
  • Energy Storage

Additional Information: