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940C Capacitors | Cornell Dubilier (CDE)

CDE's type 940C round, axial leaded film capacitors have polypropylene film and dual metallized electrodes for both self healing properties and high peak current carrying capability (dV/dt). This series features low ESR characteristics, excellent high frequency and high voltage capabilities.

Features & Benefits:

  • Voltage Range: 600 – 3000VDC (275 - 750VAC, 60Hz)
  • Capacitance Range: 0.01 – 4.7µF
  • Capacitance Tolerance: ±10%
  • Operating Temperature Range: –55°C to 105°C*
  • Full-rated voltage at 85°C–Derate linearly to 50%-rated voltage at 105°C


  • High Voltage Inverters
  • High Frequency Switching
  • High Current Applications
  • Snubber Applications

Additional Information: