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MCH and MCHN Multilayer High RF Power Capacitors | Cornell Dubilier (CDE)

CDE's MCH and MCHN multilayer high RF power capacitors are flexible aluminum silicate dielectric, thus eliminating cracking and permits soldering to 260°C. These high voltage, RF capacitors need no voltage derating at temperatures up to 125°C and voltages to 4000VDC. Exceptionally low ESR and superior thermal qualities set the MCH/MCHN chip capacitors apart from ordinary RF capacitors.

Features & Benefits:

  • No thermal cracking
  • FR4 compatible and wave solderable
  • Extremely high Q above 50MHz
  • Nonmagnetic option available
  • Ultra stable: no change with (t), (V) and (f)
  • Excellent for tuning and impedance matching
  • High flashover level
  • Better than porcelain


  • MRI Coils
  • RF Ablation Systems
  • Transmitters
  • RF Generators
  • Atenna Tuning
  • Lasers
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • MRI Generators

Additional Information: