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AirMax VS™ 3-Pair Backplane Connector | FCI

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FCI AirMax VS™ 3-Pair Backplane Connector

FCI AirMaxVS™ high-speed signal connectors, guide modules, and power connectors meet the dimensional and electrical requirements for the Storage Bridge Bay Midpland Interface (SBBMI) to connect bridge/controller cards to the midplane in a drive enclosure.

The Stone Bridge Bay (SBB) specification defines the mechanical and electrical requirements and the mid-plane connector interface for a storage enclosure controller slot that will support a variety of storage controllers from various independent hardware vendors (IHVs). Any storage controller design based on this specification should be able to fit, connect, and operate within any storage enclosure controller slot design based on the same specification. The standardization of the controller slot and storage controller interface is expected to decrease development costs for low and mid-range storage systems. The SBB standard will also speed up the delivery of emerging storage technologies, such as Internet small computer systems interface (ISCSI), serial attached SCSI (SAS), and virtual tape libraries.

Features & Benefits:

  • Edge-coupling technology
  • High signal density
  • Low insertion loss and low crosstalk
  • Cost and space savings
  • Data rates: 2.5Gb/s to 12Gb/s
  • Mixed pin assignments - providing flexibility


  • Storage Solutions
  • Data Communications

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