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Metral® 4000 Connectors | FCI

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FCI Metral® 4000 Connectors

The FCI Metral® 4000 connector, FCI part number 52057-102, designates a 30-position, right angle connector used on the I/O controller board. The Metral® receptacle’s contact geometry is optimized to match 100Ω impedance for differential signal pairs. The Metral® 4000 insertion loss is less than 1.0dB at 5Gb/s. The corresponding connector at the backplane interface is a vertical Metral® header, FCI part number 59566-1001. The Metral® 4000 header features three levels of staggered pin lengths to provide sequential mating of ground, power, and signals to facilitate hot-swap of controller boards. Metral® 4000 receptacles and headers feature press-fit tails for reliable attachment to circuit boards without soldering.

The press-fit section is designed for 0.6mm-diameter drilled holes, which provide additional room to route board traces and lower capacitance for via holes. The connectors are designed to conveniently stack end-to-end.

Features & Benefits:

  • Connector meets SATA serial data transmission rates of 1.5Gb/s
  • Supports next generation high-speed signaling
  • Enable connections between I/O controller modules and Serial ATA (SATA) disk backplanes in servers and enterprise storage enclosures.
  • Designed to conveniently stack end-to-end.


  • Power Signals
  • Communication and Control Signals
  • Differential signals for up to 16 SATA ports
  • Next Generation High-Speed Signaling

Additional Information: