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Millipacs® Hard Metric Right Angle Module | FCI

FCI Connectors Rt Angle Module

FCI offers Millipacs® Hard Metric Right Angle Modules in the standard signal modules A, B and C and also B19 and B22 sizes for CompactPCI compatibility. The top shield row is optional. Pin layout configurations are available to support PCI modules for standard form factors. This system is designed for applications requiring co-planar board-to-board connection within the normal Hard Metric Millipacs environment. When used in conjunction with Right Angle Receptacles, this system is suitable for Extender or Test Card designs.

In addition to co-planar design, these Right Angle Headers can also be used in applications that require an industrial BackPlane (i.e. where any risk of BackPlane pin damage is unacceptable). Vertical receptacles can be used in place of Vertical Headers on the BackPlane and Right Angle Headers are used on the Daughter Cards (requires a slight PCB dimensional adjustment).

The standard Millipacs 2mm Hard Metric Interconnection System consists of 5+2 and 8+2 row connector families compliant with the IEC specifications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular system with 5+2 and 8+2 row high density connectors
  • Designed in accordance with IEC 917 and IEC 61076-4-101 as well as CompactPCI
  • Hard metric board and cable connector offering
  • Extended functionalities: staggered contacts, shielding, keying, guiding, power and coax inserts, shrouds


  • Switches
  • Base stations
  • Embedded computers
  • Medical testing
  • PLCs
  • Applications requiring high density connections

Additional Information: