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Minitek Series Headers | FCI

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fci-Minitek-Series-HeadersStandard stacking headers (also known as railroad tracks because of their appearance) consist of two molded bodies on a compliant pin. Because they can be manufactured with any size spacing between the bodies, fine adjustments in board stacking heights can be achieved, freeing the designer to meet other functional requirements rather than being tied to the manufacturer's standard heights. This new Minitek shrouded version has the same capability, but improves functionality by making a more physically stable connection. The design of the shroud features end walls and a keying system, thus preventing mis-mating during production. The shrouded header is ideal for industrial and automotive designs, but the product can be used anywhere that a mezzanine connection with specific spacing is required. With the addition of this stacking header, FCI's Minitek product range is now capable of handling the widest variety of design requirements. Minitek is part of the FCI's Basics+ product range, which offers exceptional service on a variety of standard connectors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully intermateable to allow all variations of board-to-board, wire-to-board and cable-to-board connections
  • Improves functionality by providing a more physically stable connection
  • Features end walls and a keying system, which prevents mis-mating during production.
  • Available with any spacing between the bodies, so that fine adjustments in board stacking height can be achieved.


  • Industrial
  • Automotive applications