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FCI Power Solutions

FCI Power Solutions

FCI offers a broad range of power connector solutions for power supply and backplane-to-card interfaces as well as bus bars and cable assemblies for power distribution.

Power Cable Solutions

FCI PwrBlade cable assembliesPwrBlade® I/O Cable Assemblies
The FCI PwrBlade® cable connectors are designed to mate to PwrBlade® right-angle or vertical board-mounted headers.
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FCI PwrBlade connector systemPwr TwinBlade™ Connector System
Designed for cabling applications in equipment with high power demands like wireless base stations, the Pwr TwinBlade System provides current-carrying capacity of up to 100A per twin contact. (View More)

FCI D-Subminiature power connectorsD-Subminature Power Connectors
The D-Subminiature power connector range is a standard interface widely used in many market segments. (View More)

FCI USB plus power connectorsUSB + Power
The USB+Power connectors combine standard USB contacts with additional power contacts to address applications where power requirements exceed the capabilities of standard USB. (View More)

FCI SOFIX input/output connector systemSofix® Power Connectors
The adaptation of shielded Sofix® interconnects for ADSL links provides EMC-protected, long-distance links and further expands the applications for Sofix technology. (View More)

Host-to-Card Solutions

hard-metric-high-power.jpgHard Metric High Power Connectors
Hard Metric High Power Connectors are a perfect complement to FCI‘s AirMax VS® and ZipLine™ high speed signal connectors as well as any Hard Metric-compatible signal product (Millipacs®, etc). These stand alone power connectors mount alongside their signal counterparts and are used in applications where bulk current must pass through a backplane or midplane into a mating daughter card. (View More)

fci_hci_module_thumb.jpgHCI® High Power Connector System
HCI High Power backplane/midplane connectors are a perfect complement to FCI‘s AirMax VS® and ZipLine™ high speed signal connectors as well as any Hard Metric-compatible signal product (Millipacs®, etc). These stand alone power connectors are similar to Hard Metric High Power but include HCI's high current density power contact design. (View More)

FCI Metral high power modulesMetral® High Power Connectors
FCI has added high power modules to its Metral® family of 2mm backplane connectors to address customer requirements for increased current-carrying capacity between the backplane and daughtercards in chassis systems. (View More)

FCI Metral Power connectorsMetral® Power Connectors
The Power Connectors are functional building blocks in the Metral® modular backplane interconnect system. (View More)

Power Supply Solutions

fci_power_edge_thumb.jpgHigh Power Card Edge (HPCE™)
FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, announces the High Power Card Edge (HPCETM) connector. This next generation power card edge connector is intended for applications demanding low power loss and high linear current density. (View More)

FCI PwrBlade connectorsPwrBlade® Connectors
The PwrBlade® power distribution connector system from FCI includes power and signal contacts to provide power distribution and power control in a single connector. (View More)

FCI HCI connector systemHCI® Connector System
This connector system anticipates the continued trend toward increased system power demands that is the driving need for increased power density. (View More)

FCI power card edge connector systemPower Card Edge
This connector is part of a cost-effective connector system that can be used for DC power output from embedded AC/DC power supplies or for power distribution between boards within an enclosure. (View More)

Power Distribution Solutions

fci_busbar.jpgPower Distribution Solutions (Bus Bars)
FCI Power Distribution Systems are based on laminated bus bars and plates that provide predictable performance and repeatable accuracy. (View More)

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