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HandyLink™ I/O Interconnect System | Molex

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Molex HandyLink™ I/O Interconnect System

The Molex HandyLink™ family includes an IP54 rated right-angle SMT receptacle, a wire and PCB version of the plug, perpendicular and parallel-mounted cradle connectors for docking applications and a wide array of cable assemblies.

The innovative compression-style contact design provide Molex Handylink connectors long-term performance and reliability with 20,000 mating cycles. The SMT receptacle and cradle connectors are lead-free process compatible. The Molex HandyLink family's current carrying capability of 1.5A continuous (up to 3.0A, depending on circuit configuration) and compact size provide and optimal solution for the mobile device industry. The patented integrated-latch design provides ESD protection and mechanical integrity.

The Molex HandyLink connector interface is the perfect choice for a wire-to-board or a board-to-board docking solution for your handheld device. Molex's global manufacturing of cable assemblies and accessories provides mobile device suppliers with localized support to ensure that their delivery, design and cost needs are optimized.

Features & Benefits:

  • USB 2.0 compatible with speeds up to 622Mbs
  • Receptacles -insert molded
  • Low profile height: 3.50mm
  • Compact width: 21.00mm
  • First mate/Last break pins
  • Robust cradle connector design
  • Supports USB transmission speeds
  • Supports IP5
  • Reduced real estate
  • Design flexibility in all docking applications
  • Lead-free process compatible and RoHS compliant


  • Handheld Printers
  • Handheld Medical Equipment
  • Automotive Diagnostic Equipment
  • Security Devices
  • PDAs and Accessories
  • Cellular Telephones