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GMA Single Layer Microchip Capacitors | Murata

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Murata GMA Single Layer Microchip CapacitorsMurata's GMA family of single layer microchip ceramic capacitors with gold-plated terminations is suitable for decoupling or bypassing circuits in miniaturized high density circuit designs including optical transceivers or integrated IC packages. Cap values from 100pF to 100,000pF are offered in case sizes including 0303 and 0202, using a variety of semi-stable (e.g., X5R) dielectrics. Rated voltages from 6.3 to 100VDC are available. All products are RoHS Compliant.

Features & Benefits:

  • 0303 and 0202 case sizes
  • Gold-plated terminations
  • X5R, X7R dielectrics
  • Wire or die bonding
  • Suitable for high-density designs
  • Accepts either wire or die bonding
  • Temperature stability and volumetric efficiency
  • Application flexibility


  • Bypassing and Decoupling (at high frequencies)
  • Optical Transceiver Circuitry
  • In-Package IC Designs
  • Miniaturized Circuitry

Additional Information: