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RPE/RHEL/RHDL Series Radial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors | Murata

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Murata's radial leaded ceramic capacitors are ideal for a variety of automotive applications where the robust attributes of ceramic capacitors prove advantageous. Available in a variety of electrical performance , size and lead spacing options - along with RoHS certification and AEC-Q200 complance allow the designer to choose from a wide selection of ceramic leaded capacitors to meet circuit requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • RPE Series :
  • 1. Small dimensions, large capacitance, and a capacity volume ratio of 10 micro Farad/cm cube, close to that of electric capacitors.
  • 2. No polarity.
  • 3. Excellent frequency characteristics and due to these small internal inductance are suitable for high frequency.
  • 4. Epoxy coated type which are highly inflammable, having characteristics equivalent to the UL94V-0 standard.
  • 5. C0G (-25 to +125 degrees C. ) and X7R (-55 to +125 degrees C.) Temp. Char. available.
  • 6. Voltage rating up to 100V.
  • RHEL / RHDL Series :
  • 1. Small size and large capacitance.
  • 2. Low ESR and ESL suitable for high frequency.
  • 3. Temperature rating up to 150 degrees C. (X8L Temp. Char.)
  • 4. Voltage rating up to 100V.
  • 5. Coated with epoxy (L=4.0mm) or silicon(L=4mm over) resin suitable for heat cycle.
  • 6. RoHS compliant. 7. Meets AEC-Q200 requirements.


  • Automotive & Transportation

Additional Information: