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ECPU(B) Film Capacitor | Panasonic

ECPU(B) Film Cap | PanasonicThe ECPU(B) series is available in case sizes ranging from 0603 to 1206, capacitance values of 0.010uF~1.0uF, tolerance values of +/- 5  and +/- 10%, and temperature levels between  -40 ~ +105˚F. With today’s push for higher processing speeds, noise is a key concern for many design engineers. Whether it’s “mechanical” noise (e.g. piezoelectric effects in MLCCs) or “audible” noise (e.g. in signal generators), the ECPU family of Film Capacitors can easily address those concerns by ensuring an increased noise-immunity.  It is also a great choice when more stable thermal characteristics are needed. The ECPU(B) series also has low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) that reduces power losses. The low THD (3rd Harmonic Distortion) also helps improve overall sound quality.

Features & Benefits:

  • Smallest SMD Film Caps
  • Stable electrical performance
  • No 'piezo effect'
  • Stable thermal characteristics
  • Low THD


  • High speed computing circuits
  • Portable CDs
  • Car audio
  • Digital audio amplifier modules
  • Digital tuning circuits
  • Set-top boxes
  • RF modules
  • DC/DC converters

Additional Information: