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EMI Filters | Panasonic

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Panasonic offers three versions of EMI (electromagnetic interference) filters. All three are offered in the same 3218mm case size. They are offered with two current capabilities, either up to 2A or 5A. Additionally, one has a built-in varistor to help supply ESD (electrostatic discharge) suppression.

Panasonic's EMI filters are in a "T" configuration, two inductors in a series, with a capacitor connected between them to ground. In the case of the ELK-EV, a varistor with its defined capacitance is connected from between the inductors to ground. The ELK-E and ELK-EV have a rated current up to 2A, while the ELK-EA has a maximum current rating of 5A. The ELK-E and ELK-EA have a rated voltage of 50V, while the ELK-EV rated voltage varies at 27, 22, or 12V depending upon the part. Cut-off frequencies available are from 0.2 to 500MHz with accompanying attenuation from -30 to greater than -50dB. The operating temperature range is from -20 to 85℃.

The EXC series provides EMI filtering and ESD protection of high-speed differential transmission lines with little influence of waveform rounding on signal transmission. Additionally, it offers high common mode attenuation in the range of 700 MHz - 1GHz and its multilayer SMT structure allows for excellent reflow resistance and high mounting reliability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide range lineup(Small size or Array type) for common mode noise suppression.
  • Good signal integrity for high bit rate data transmission.
  • Wide pass-band for differential signal.
  • Simple multi-layer structure.
  • Good durability and mounting reliability.


  • Data Line Filtering
  • Secondary (DC) Power Supply
  • Line Filtering
  • Digital A/V
  • Communications Equipment
  • Portable Test & Measurement Products

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