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SP-Cap Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor | Panasonic

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SP-Cap Aluminum Cap | PanasonicSP-CAP, or Specialty Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, was developed by Panasonic. It uses a specialty polymer (polypyrrole) electrolyte. The SP-Cap is based on aluminum electrolytic capacitor technology, but uses a solid polymer electrolyte.

The SP-Cap has very stable capacitance characteristics in both operating temperature and frequency compared to ceramic, polymer, and low ESR tantalum capacitors. In terms of safety, the SP-Caps do not easily ignite or “smoke,” even with a 1-A current applied or in the case of a short circuit. If a defect occurs, the polymer will become self-insulating and shuts off the flow of current. Panasonic's SP-Cap is an excellent choice when used in applications requiring noise absorption, ripple voltage reduction, and transient response.

Features & Benefits:

  • Capacitance range: 2.2µF - 560µF
  • Voltage range: 2 – 16VDC
  • Very low ESR
  • Very low impedance
  • Stable capacitance, temperature, and frequency characteristics
  • Safer and more reliable than tantalum capacitors


  • Noise Absorption
  • Ripple Voltage Reduction
  • Transient Response
  • Personal Computers
  • Game Applications

Additional Information: