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Automotive Relays | Panasonic

Panasonic Electric Works Automotive RelaysPanasonic offers a full line of automotive and special vehicle relays that are specialized electromechanical relays which typically handle large current and DC voltage and are designed to support the demanding needs of automotive and special vehicles customers. The automotive relay line ranges from 5A-300a load current with voltage capability of up to 400VDC and are available in PCB, ISO, Micro ISO, 280 Micro ISO, and screw terminals. Panasonic's automotive relays include CB Relays and AEV Relays.

CB Relays:

  • The CB relay is available in a variety of mounting terminals, contact arrangements, housing structures and with 40A or 70A capabilities. The CB relay features our state of the art sealing technology that is second to none in the automotive relay industry. This unique sealing method combined with high shock resistance substantially improves durability especially in harsh environments. Temperature rise is minimized, thanks to a low on-resistance of only 15mΩ. Heat resistant type is also available for applications where the ambient temperature can reach up to 125°C for a maximum allowable coil temperature of 180°C. The CB relay also benefits from a wealth of testing capabilities that insures the highest quality and allows us to perform special tests to actual and/or simulated load conditions to accommodate customer requirements.

AEV Relays:

  • The AEV relay features hermetically sealed construction and a unique magnetic mechanism that minimizes arcing thus maintaining low on resistance and longer contact life. This unique construction allows the AEV relay to handle up to 300A of continuous current at high voltage level of 400VDC. Unlike contactors, this unique design offers small size, light weight and the ability to be used in harsh and hazardous environments where the hermetically sealed contact capsule is completely isolated for the surrounding environment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior sealing technology
  • Good for harsh environments


  • Lighting Controls
  • Fan Motor
  • AC Clutch Solenoid
  • AC Blower Fan
  • Starter Motor
  • Diesel Engine Glow Plug
  • Inverter Main Switch
  • Main Battery Cut-off
  • Electric Utility Vehicles
  • Golf Carts
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Recreation
  • Commercial
  • Marine

Additional Information: