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PhotoMOS™ Relays | Panasonic

PhotoMOS™ Relays | PanasonicPhotoMOS™ relays are optically-coupled relays that utilize MOSFET technology as a switch. Panasonic offers the lowest on-resistance available, fast-switching speed, low capacitance and small package size. With more than 300 types to choose from, there is a PhotoMOS relay perfect for many applications such as ATE, instrumentation, communications, medical, industrial, security, automotive, and more.


PhotoMOS with Short Circuit Protection (Latch Type)

Small size, reliability and low power consumption are requirements for components used to switch signal outputs in sensors, control units or on measurement cards. An important function is the galvanic isolation of sensitive electronics from possible disturbances on the output side. For example, voltage peaks or overcurrents that can rise due to short circuits or improper use. Panasonic's new short circuit protected PhotoMOS family is optimally prepared to meet these challenges. It ideally combines high switching speed with low control current and reliable overcurrent protection.

Panasonic PhotoMOS Focus Products

  • AQYxxxV: SSOP RF PhotoMOS – C x R 5 (1 Form A)
    • Low on-resistance and low capacitance
    • Ultra-miniature: 4.45mm(W) x 2.65mm(L) x 1.80mm(H)
    • Low power consumption ensure long battery life for portable equipment
    • Applications in high precision test, measurement and instrument
    • Ideal for applications where multiple relays are used on the same board

  • AQYxxS: 4-Pin Super Miniature SOP PhotoMOS (1 Form A)
    • Controls up to 400V in a 4-pin SOP package
    • Low-level off state leakage current (max. 1µA)
    • Controls low-level analog signals without distortion
    • Ideal for security equipment, factory automation equipment and high speed inspection machines

  • AQV22xNS: 6-Pin Super Miniature SOP RF PhotoMOS (1 Form A)
    • High-speed switching – Turn-on time": 0.1ms (typ), Turn-off time: 0.05ms (typ)
    • Low output capacitance – 10pF (typ); and low on-resistance – 30Ω (typ) AQV227NS
    • Low-level off state leakage current (max. 10nA)
    • SOP package save 50% board space compared to DIP package
    • Ideal for computers, robotics, and measuring instruments

  • AQV252G: High Capacity Power PhotoMOS
    • 2.5A load current and 60V load voltage in a 6-pin DIP package
    • Can be used in place of mercury and mechanical relays
    • Available in through-hole and surface mount packages
    • Typical Applications: I/O for Alarm/Security Devices and Test/Measurement Equipement

Features & Benefits:

  • Very high reliability and long product life
  • Very stable on-resistance
  • No arc, no bounce, no noise
  • Fast-switching speed and extremely small size


  • ATE Instrumentation Communications
  • Medical
  • Indstrial
  • Security
  • Automotive

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