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Quick Connect (QC) 1.5 | Phoenix Contact

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Phoenix Contact Quick Connect (QC) 1.5The Quick Connect (QC) 1.5 represents the next generation in I/O and low power terminations to the PCB. This new insulation displacement plug provides greater flexibility in wire selections compared to other IDC products currently available in the market. The plugs have 5.0mm pitch (centerline) spacing and come with or without mounting flanges. The QC 1.5 plugs mate with 5.0mm headers from Phoenix Contact.

Features & Benefits:

  • Insulation displacement contacts eliminates wire stripping for ease of termination and time savings
  • Additional wire identification options can be achieved through the use of pre-printed markers or direct printing onto the plug
  • Mounting flanges ensure a secure connection for use in high vibration environments
  • Accepts wire gauge sizes of 24-16AWG for a wider range of applications
  • Audible click to ensure proper termination
  • Actuation levers can be color coded to meet custom requirements for ease of wire identifications
  • IDC levers actuated by using a 3.5mm standard screwdriver, eliminating the need for specialized tools


  • Industrial Controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Telecommunication