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RLF Series Inductor for Power Lines | TDK

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RLF Series Inductors | TDK

The RLF series Inductor is suitable for circuits running at higher currents, and in applications where low profile is a key feature of the overall design. The SLF series is available in 10 case sizes to address a wide variety of performance demands and space limitations of the end product.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low Profile
  • Low DC Resistance
  • High Current carrying capabilities
  • Magnetically Shielded to coexist in densely populated mounting configurations
  • Flat Bottom Surface ensures secure, reliable mounting
  • Packaged on Tape & Reel


  • Portable Telephones
  • Personal Computers
  • Hard Disc Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Various electronic equipment that requires high inductance with low-loss/highly efficient operating characteristics.

Additional Information: