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OSP Coaxial Connectors | TE Connectivity

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Tyco Electronics OSP Coaxial Connectors

TE Connectivity offers the original OSP (BMA) series of blind mate connectors. This unique connector series can be used in a wide variety of RF and microwave interconnect applications to provide excellent electrical performance to 22GHz. The patented OSP interface has set the standard for blind mate RF/microwave connectors for over two decades. In the static mounting configuration the OSP interface allows for +/-.004 inch radial and up to .030 inch (.015 recommended) axial mating misalignment, while maintaining electrical performance and durability characteristics. The float mount design allows for +/-.020 inch radial and .050 inch maximum axial misalignment. This float mounting compliance is provided by a spring mechanism incorporated in the jack (female) receptacle design that permits both radial and axial movement.

OSP connectors are available for semi-rigid cables in both a direct solder and OSCC Solderless Compression Crimp attachment and for many MIL-DTL-17 flexible cables with crimp attachment. Ease of assembly permits users unskilled in soldering techniques to rapidly produce cable assemblies with consistently excellent mechanical and electrical performance. Receptacles are available in a variety of panel mount, press fit, hermetically sealed, P.C. board mount, and field replaceable configurations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Interface designed for multiple interconnects
  • Ideal for module-to-module and rack-to-panel applications
  • For high performance microwave system requirements
  • Designs accommodate large axial and radial misalignment
  • Rigid and float mount versions
  • Bulkhead or panel mount
  • Semi-rigid and flex cable designs


  • Miitary
  • Antennas
  • Communications
  • Radar

Additional Information: