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Remote Input/Output Terminal System | TE Connectivity

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Tyco Electronics Remote I/O Terminal System

The e-CON (Easy & Economy Connector) standard was developed in Japan in 2001 by a group of manufacturers in an effort to standardize connections from sensors to terminals. This standard is not under control of any standard organization. Without the standard, each manufacturer had specified different connectors for terminations of sensors to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and end users had to prepare many different connectors and different tools. To improve this situation and create a user-friendly environment, TE Connectivity has offered AMP RITS connectors as the standard interface connector for sensors, and the 4-position RITS connector is approved as the industry standard connector.

Product Performance:

  • Current rating: 3A (max.)
  • Voltage rating: 32Vrms
  • Applicable wire range: Outside diameter 0.6-1.6mm

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Features & Benefits:

  • Termination by generic tools, easy connection method
  • Small 2.00mm pitch connectors
  • Two contact points structure assures high contact reliability
  • Housing colors indicate applicable wire ranges
  • Component recognized by UL to U.S. and Canadian standards

Additional Information: